ace-mc - Add multiple cursors using ace-jump

Happy leap day!

To celebrate this leap day, I just released my first Emacs package called ace-mc which allows you to quickly and easily add as well as remove multiple-cursors mode cursors using ace-jump-mode.

It's available on MELPA now! So installing it is as easy as M-x package-install RET ace-mc

Documentation is available on the GitHub page, but here are a couple screencasts:

Adding cursors with ace-mc Removing cursors with ace-mc

The main reason I made this package is because adding cursors with mc/mark-next-like-this or mc/mark-all-like-this-dwim doesn't work super well if you have a lot of potential matches. For example, if I'm trying to rename a variable "i", there's often a bunch of i's in other words that I don't want to touch. While multiple-cursors does make it possible to add multiple cursors using the mouse, this often is a bit of a hassle for me.

It seems like some people are already using it. In the time it's been out, one person already reported a bug (which is now fixed) and a couple people have already asked if I'll be adding avy support.

I eventually plan to add avy support. I first off used ace-jump-mode as it's the package I use currently. I understand, though, that many people have switched to avy. I've already messed around with adding a "add cursor" action to avy-dispatch-alist. The tricky, thing, though is how multiple-cursors deals with read-prompts. And since avy provides many types of jumping styles in separate commands, I'm not sure how best to add ace-mc support for all of them. But as I keep playing around with avy, I plan to finally switch to it.

Anyways, give ace-mc a try, and if you have any improvements or suggestions, let me know!